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1-677-124-44227 184 Main Collins Street, West Victoria 8007 Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00, Sunday CLOSED
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The Muscle Factory was opened in July 2015 by two guys with a passion for life, health & fitness. Bart & Tor have both been involved in the health industry for many years prior to meeting in a Bangkok fitness center where Bart was coaching & Tor was a member of the clubs management board. Long story short – Bart agreed to become Tor’ coach & it wasn’t long before they became friends with similar visions about what their own gym would be like. Those visions became a business plan.

Bart & Tor had always wanted more than their existing gym was able to offer. With this in mind & many years of experience within the industry they set about turning their vision into a reality by opening their own gym.


These guys wanted Bangkok’s biggest hardcore gym & somehow ended up building Thailand’s biggest hardcore gym. One city just wasn’t big enough!

The Muscle Factory has been designed to suit professional athletes, amateur athletes, fitness lovers, bodybuilders (Pro & Armature), competition prep, weight lifters, power lifters, strongman, boxers, the young, the old, the unfit & the casual gym user. People are in fact travelling from all over the world just to train at the Muscle Factory.

As Bart often says – “I wanted to build the type of gym that no matter what your level we had you covered.” Mission Accomplished…. Well not quite…. The Muscle Factory story is far from finished with a second Muscle Factory now open near the beach in Pattaya & another in Bhutan.

With our hard core Iconic Boot Camps, MF Gourmet Food prep & other events planned the Muscle Factory story is constantly evolving….

Bart – “From both Tor & myself. Our vision continues today & beyond for one reason only – YOU – To all of our regular customers & those passing through, our athletes & trainers, from the bottom of our hearts –

We thank you for all your support!”

Simply the best gym in Bangkok

Simply the best gym in Bangkok. Actually the best gym I have ever been to. If you are a bodybuilder, power or weight lifter or strongman, this is the place to be. And even if you are just starting to lift, this is a great place. Great equipment, lifting platforms, shuttle service, very reasonable prices and great food, shakes and pre-workout. Also a shuttle service.

Sun-Robin Flamm Google Reviews

"The Mecca" of Bodybuilding

"The Mecca" of Bodybuilding, weightlifting, power lifting, and Strong Man (women) in South East Asia. This is a massive facility made by gym freaks for gym freaks! On site pros, training, and meal prep. An amazing place with guaranteed gains!

Rocco Galloway Google Reviews